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From which month should you not travel long during pregnancy?

Eating too much salt causes serious damage to the skin, know how to prevent it

 Eating too much salt causes serious damage to the skin, know how to prevent it Side Effects Of Excessive Salt Intake on Skin: Consuming anything in a balanced amount is beneficial for the body. Excessive consumption of salt is also harmful for the body. If you consume it in a balanced amount, it keeps the body healthy, but people who eat too much salt are at risk of many serious diseases. Consuming too much salt also causes serious damage to the skin. Eating too much salt has a serious effect on the health of the heart, from increasing blood pressure. Let's understand in detail in this article, what effect does eating too much salt have on the skin? Eating too much salt damages the skin People consume salt to enhance the taste of food. The properties present in salt are beneficial for the body, but consuming too much of it can harm the body. Dr. Sameer, senior physician of Babu Ishwar Sharan Hospital, says, "Consumption of too much salt not only damages the internal organs of

Eating fatty foods does not increase body fat

 Eating fatty foods does not increase body fat Everyone gives the same advice to obese people. "Fat has increased, reduce fatty foods." Because of this, many people believe that fat is the root cause of obesity, not eating fat. Is fat really very harmful for the body? Does the body not need fat? Health experts say, 'This understanding is wrong, as the intake of other nutrients is necessary for the body. Similarly, fat is also one of the essential nutrients for the body. Nutritionist Kamna Acharya says that the body is not fat by eating fat, but not knowing how to eat properly can lead to obesity. Fat does not make the body fat as soon as it is eaten. And, in order to lose weight, fatty foods should not be removed from the diet,' she says, 'If you eat more fatty foods than the body needs, the body cannot use them and obesity can become a problem.' According to Harvard Medical School, if we eat more fat than we need, it definitely increases the body weight. Over