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In how many months will the baby's teeth come?

 In how many months will the baby's teeth come? After 6 months of birth, teeth start to grow. It is called a milk tooth. But children's teething age is not the same. Some come in 6 months and some come in 11 months. Baby teeth come up to 20, which come within a period of 36 months. Then, between the ages of 6 and 12, baby teeth begin to fall out and permanent teeth begin to erupt. Which is called 'Secondary Eruption of Teeth' in medical language. Baby teeth come forward first. Some may have two at once, while some may grow one at a time. Changes in the baby during the eruption of milk teeth During teething, the gums may become swollen or red, saliva may leak more, any food may be put in the mouth, the gums may hurt, itch and fever may occur. Some people find it difficult to eat due to pain when teething, and sleep problems due to pain. what to do When the child's teeth are growing, food such as bananas, apples, fruits, carrots, and cucumbers should be chewed. It red