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A moment during a risky surgery

 A moment during a risky surgery "Dr. Saap, is his treatment possible?'' Vimala Kashyap of Sunsari Chatra asked me. She had sent such a video on Facebook Messenger, who is at high risk of pregnancy. As soon as I saw the video of that pregnant woman who was going through a complicated problem, I said, 'Treatment is possible.' I had to give this answer both ethically and professionally. Because I am an obstetrician. My job is to support safe delivery. Another thing, I am human. A complex patient who is disadvantaged. To save her life, I am more motivated by my human feelings. Vimala said, "He needs treatment, but he doesn't have anything." "Nothing" means no money for treatment. I said in reply, 'I will do the work on my behalf for free. I will also ask for help from the hospital. It was seven o'clock in the morning. That's all we talked about. Last week of May. It was around 9:30 pm. The pregnant woman was brought to the hospital