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From which month should you not travel long during pregnancy?

"If chronic diseases were cured by low carb diet, they could be eradicated from the world"

"If chronic diseases were cured by low carb diet, they could be eradicated from the world" The business of low carb and keto diet as a formula for reducing high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity is at its peak. The propaganda that chronic diseases can be cured quickly after following such a diet chart has confused the general public. After all, eating a keto or low carb diet can cure chronic diseases? Does it happen when you stop taking medicine? If so, why don't doctors suggest to chronic patients to change their diet instead of medicine? We met cardiologist Ommurthy Anil with similar questions. "If someone says that following an imported diet, cholesterol does not increase, diabetes and high blood pressure can be cured, then that is a complete lie," he said. Correct and balanced diet is necessary for a healthy, fit body. If a person makes a vow and follows a normal diet plan throughout his life, he can keep weight, high blood pressure, diabetes and choleste

What is a 'low carb diet'?

What is a 'low carb diet'? When thinking about losing body weight, cutting down on carbohydrates comes to mind. Reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet for weight loss is also good to some extent. So now many people are starting to follow low carb diet and keto diet to control their weight. Reducing carbohydrates in the diet not only helps in weight loss, it also gives us many other health benefits. But does the body need carbohydrates? Is a low carb diet equally beneficial for everyone? What to pay attention to before going on a low carb diet? A conversation with nutritionist Praniti Singh on this topic: What is a low carb diet? How many calories a normal person needs daily. 60 percent of it comes from carbohydrates, 25 percent from protein and the remaining 15 percent from fat. However, in a low carb diet, if 60 percent of the calories from carbohydrates are reduced to 5 to 10 percent, then that is a ketogenic low carb diet. Also, if you eat up to 30% carbohydrates i