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Is olive oil really healthy?

 Is olive oil really healthy?   Among the oils available in the market, many people say that olive oil is the best. This oil, which is produced in most Mediterranean countries, is not produced in Nepal. Olive oil is established as a healthy oil among consumers in Europe and North America. There are many who like it in Nepal too. Is olive oil really different from mustard or other oils found in Nepal? Nutritionist Uma Koirala says, 'Mustard oil found in Nepal and olive oil contain the same micronutrients. Omega three and six fatty acids found in olive oil, antioxidants, vitamin E and D are also present in mustard oil. According to Koirala, olive oil is similar to mustard oil found in Nepal. People like what they don't have. Olive oil is also the same," she says, "In Nepal, there is a tendency to consider expensive things that are not available in their country to be good." She says that all the virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil available in the market ar

6 things to keep in mind when frying food in oil

 6 things to keep in mind when frying food in oil The festive season has already started. Fun atmosphere, time off from work and get-togethers make the festival a fun time. Along with this comes dessert dishes. Many people prefer tare (deep fried) and spicy food over hall food during festivals. After deep frying, the remaining oil is reused and used in another dish. According to experts, boiling oil for a long time destroys many nutrients. Cooking food in the same oil more often affects the health. So it is necessary to take some precautions while deep frying. Paying attention to the size of the dish While deep frying, instead of using a large, wide and flat pan, it is advisable to use a small, deep and narrow-mouthed vessel. You can easily deep fry in such a pot with less oil. Suzuki Dashain Offer Pay attention to the oil Instead of olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, almond and mustard oil should be used for deep frying. Because the boiling point of coconut and olive oil is low, it boils q