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How do you know if a market banana is poisonous or not?

How do you know if a market banana is poisonous or not? Banana is an evergreen fruit that is rich in nutrients. Bananas are rich in iron, calcium and vitamins. But sometimes bananas can prove to be harmful to health. Bananas can be harmful to health if chemicals and pesticides are used in it. Therefore, it is important for consumers to know something about bananas available in the market. What types of bananas are available in the market? Malbhog banana, Chini Champa, Dhusre, Mungre etc. are the most popular and available in the market. Among these different varieties of bananas, Malbhog bananas are preferred by many. Although local production can meet the demand in the Nepali market, bananas are imported in large quantities in India as well. Do bananas ripen on the plant or are they cooked? Banana is a 'climacteric fruit' i.e. a fruit that ripens even after being picked from the plant. But bananas also ripen on the plant. Ethylene is a hormone that is naturally produced in fru