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How to protect children's teeth from being eaten by worms?

 How to protect children's teeth from being eaten by worms? According to the World Health Organization, 70 to 95 percent of children in industrialized countries have tooth decay. Baby teeth are very sensitive. If it is not taken care of properly, the tooth will be eaten by worms. Generally, baby teeth start coming from 6 months. When a child starts teething, tooth decay also starts. During the development of children's teeth, infection and decay increase, and the tooth itself may fall out, leaving only a fragment of the tooth. Tooth decay is the main problem in children. So parents should pay special attention to some things to avoid this problem. That's why worms eat children's teeth The main reason for the problem of getting worms in the child's teeth is the lack of oral hygiene, the change in the way of eating. Children's teeth are eaten by worms due to reasons such as not cleaning the baby's teeth after sucking milk, not brushing the teeth after eating,