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Diabetic patients how to take care of their skin?

 Diabetic patients how to take care of their skin? Skin Care Tips For People With Diabetes: Patients with diabetes should take special care of their skin. Follow these tips- Increased sugar levels in diabetes can also affect the skin. In diabetes, many people's skin becomes dry, while some people's skin becomes oily. Not only this, skin infections can easily occur in diabetes. Therefore, diabetic patients have to take many precautions before taking care of their skin. Let's know how diabetic patients can take care of their skin. Take care of hygiene To take care of the skin of diabetic patients, it is very important to stay clean. Keeping the body clean reduces the risk of new diseases. Keep underarms, fingernails and toes clean to maintain skin hygiene. Do not bathe with hot water Bathing with hot water can make the skin look very dry. Diabetic patients should bathe with normal water to prevent skin dryness. Bathe only twice a day to keep the skin clean. While bathing, use