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When should bedrest be taken during pregnancy?

 When should bedrest be taken during pregnancy? Rest is as important as healthy and nutritious food during pregnancy. Pregnant women need enough sleep for the health of the baby. But it is not recommended to do bed rest for a long time during pregnancy. Regular jogging is good for health. Because bed rest during pregnancy is more likely to cause blood clots in blood vessels and may cause other health problems. If there is a complex health problem during pregnancy and the risk of miscarriage is high, bed rest can be used to minimize it. During bed rest, blood thinners are given to prevent blood clotting. Premature delivery Some are at risk of delivery before time. In this case, the doctor advises bed rest. Because at this time, the tube that connects the vagina and the uterus, i.e. the cervix, may open prematurely. Due to this, there is a possibility of the baby being born prematurely and there is a risk of miscarriage. Pre-eclampsia Bed rest is advised even if pre-eclampsia is a proble