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To reduce cholesterol, drink this special drink made of Dabh lemon and cucumber, know how to make it

Can we eat sprouts in monsoon? Learn its benefits and disadvantages from the expert

 Can we eat sprouts in monsoon? Learn its benefits and disadvantages from the expert Sprouts can be eaten in monsoon, but attention should be paid to its cleanliness. Sprouts are considered very beneficial for health. Eating sprouts provides many benefits to health, such as it detoxes the body, is good for eyesight, increases hair growth and also helps in reducing the signs of aging. This is because sprouts are low in calories and rich in fiber. We all know that consuming fiber based food items keeps digestive problems away. Not only this, consuming sprouts also keeps cholesterol levels low. But, here it becomes important to know whether it is right to eat sprouts during the monsoon season? This question is also important because eating raw vegetables during monsoon days is not good for health. This can cause stomach problems. Can we eat sprouts in monsoon? As already mentioned, sprouts are very beneficial for our health. It contains many types of nutrients, which everyone consumes. Ho

10 Infectious Diseases in Monsoon

 10 Infectious Diseases in Monsoon Now there is also the fear of corona. It is not easy to move and travel openly due to the danger of possible infection of corona virus. In such a situation, it is more difficult to run to the hospital. But with summer and monsoon, there is fear of spreading other types of infectious diseases. On the other hand, our digestive system becomes weak during this season. Food is not easily digested. On the other hand, food spoils quickly. Not only stale food, fried, fried, spicy food also causes problems in the digestive system. Mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches also spread due to heat and rain. There is a fear that this will increase the infection of the disease. Therefore, special health precautions should be taken during the rainy season. What health problems can occur in this season? 1. Viral fever Viral fever can bother many people in this time of rainy season and summer. It can cause more problems especially for children, patients, and the elderly. Bac