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Things to keep in mind when keeping fish in an aquarium

Things to keep in mind when keeping fish in an aquarium There is a trend of keeping fish in aquariums in homes, offices, hotels and restaurants to make them look attractive. Keeping fish in an aquarium is not only a matter of beauty and decoration, now it has become a means of providing coolness and entertainment to the eyes. Although many people want to keep fish in the aquarium, if they do not find the right method, it is causing disadvantages instead of advantages. Therefore, special attention should be paid to certain things while keeping fish in the aquarium. Choice of water Since fish live in water, the first thing is to know how much and what kind of water to put in the aquarium. After buying the fish, do not immediately put the fish in clean tap water or water in a jar. The water in which the fish are kept should be conditioned a week before. For this, the heater and filter should be kept running during that period. It conditions the water for good bacteria. Then you have to pu