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Causes and treatment of vaginal cysts

 Causes and treatment of vaginal cysts You may have heard of growing meat in the uterus. But do you know that flesh can also grow in the vagina? The problem of growing flesh in the vagina is called 'vaginal cyst' in medical language. If it is identified early, it can be easily treated. But if there is a delay, the situation can become critical. What is a vaginal cyst? A fluid-filled lump in or around the vagina is called a 'vaginal cyst'. It can appear small, large and undetectable. Usually, this problem can be seen during pregnancy, childbirth and after menopause. the reason There is not only one reason for this problem. It can be caused by injuries, infections and hormonal changes. Injury: During delivery, the baby may come out due to surgery or injury to the vaginal wall. This problem can be accidental, which cannot be prevented. Obstruction in the gland: Due to injury or infection, obstruction of Bartholin's gland causing fluid accumulation in the vagina can lea