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These things should be taken into account while using perfume

 These things should be taken into account while using perfume The practice of using perfume to make the body fragrant is all over the world. But many may not know how the trend of perfume started and what it is made of. Usually people use perfume for fragrance. But not only the fragrance, there are many other benefits of using it. A History of Perfume Historians say- 'Perfume started with the discovery of a kind of aromatic herbs and roots.' A chemist named Tapputi from Mesopotamia was the first to create perfume. It is said that he made the first perfume by mixing oil and flowers. After that, perfume became global. From religious rituals to daily life and funerals, perfumes were used. In Egypt, paintings of perfumes were placed on the walls of royal tombs. If we talk about its modern use and popularity, the credit goes to Paris. Commercial production of perfume began in Paris in 1370. This is where the modern perfume started. Perfumer Uddhav Bertaula What is perfume made of?