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How can a person prolong his life?

How can a person prolong his life? Ken Tanaka of Japan is one of the longest living people in the world. She lived for 119 years. What is the key to living such a long life? In an interview organized by the Japan National Tourism Organization, Tanaka said, "I think the only secret to living a long life is to do what you want to do." Therefore, eat the food you want to eat from your heart, do what you like, enjoy every day. She was fond of coffee and chocolate. Besides food, he was also interested in games. Tanaka loved to solve board games and math puzzles. Tanaka says the only secret to longevity is 'joy'. "Whatever you do, wherever you are, you should be happy every moment," she used to say. It is said that man does not control his own death. So every person must die after living a certain life span. However, in order to live a full life, people have to take special care in their diet, lifestyle, and state of mind. It has been mentioned in various studies