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Diabetic patients how to take care of their skin?

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Diabetes patients should adopt these 5 methods in case of injury, it will help in healing the wound

 Diabetes patients should adopt these 5 methods in case of injury, it will help in healing the wound We all know that diabetes patients should take great care of their health. They should be aware not only about their diet but also about their lifestyle. A little negligence in their lifestyle or diet can disturb the balance of their blood sugar. If it is not managed in time, it can prove to be fatal. Apart from this, diabetes patients should also be careful if they get a wound or injury somewhere. Actually, the wounds of diabetes patients do not heal quickly. If it takes more time to heal, then infection can occur, the wound can spread and the problem can take a serious form. Therefore, diabetes patients should know what to do if they get hurt, so that the wound can heal faster. Clean the injury thoroughly tips for diabetes wound care Before cleaning the injury, diabetes patients should clean their hands with soap. After this, wash the injury thoroughly with plain water. Make sure that

When should bedrest be taken during pregnancy?

 When should bedrest be taken during pregnancy? Rest is as important as healthy and nutritious food during pregnancy. Pregnant women need enough sleep for the health of the baby. But it is not recommended to do bed rest for a long time during pregnancy. Regular jogging is good for health. Because bed rest during pregnancy is more likely to cause blood clots in blood vessels and may cause other health problems. If there is a complex health problem during pregnancy and the risk of miscarriage is high, bed rest can be used to minimize it. During bed rest, blood thinners are given to prevent blood clotting. Premature delivery Some are at risk of delivery before time. In this case, the doctor advises bed rest. Because at this time, the tube that connects the vagina and the uterus, i.e. the cervix, may open prematurely. Due to this, there is a possibility of the baby being born prematurely and there is a risk of miscarriage. Pre-eclampsia Bed rest is advised even if pre-eclampsia is a proble

What changes are seen in the body when falling in love with someone?

 What changes are seen in the body when falling in love with someone?  Love is that exciting feeling that can make today dearer than yesterday. After drowning in love feelings, the way of thinking, the way of experiencing, the likes and dislikes of oneself and one's ideology melts towards the lover or the girlfriend who makes the place of love. It is not limited to emotional experience. When the arrow of love strikes, a remarkable series of physical reactions begins within our bodies. Brain, chemistry and hormones They bring about changes in everything from powerful neurochemical flows to heart rate and breathing rhythms. This means that when in love, complex interactions between biological processes begin. Psychologist Gurleen Barua says, 'When the feeling of love is attached to a person, it is actually the brain that brings about most of the changes. But we think it is the work of the heart. "Our brains release a cocktail of chemicals, including dopamine and oxytocin, wh

What position should a pregnant woman sleep in?

 What position should a pregnant woman sleep in? Pregnancy is the happiest and most exciting time of a woman's life. A mother weaves a world of colorful dreams for her unborn child. For this dream, they bear a lot of pain and give birth to children. Pregnancy is a very serious and important situation for a mother. In this case, they have to make changes in their daily behavior from eating. Doctors say that mothers should pay attention not only to food but also to sleep during pregnancy. In which position to sleep during pregnancy? How can you and your baby be comfortable while sleeping? It is important to pay attention to this. Every work done by the mother has a direct effect on the unborn child. Usually, a pregnant mother has difficulty sleeping. For the health of both the mother and the unborn child, it is necessary to know about the way of sleeping. Which improves the health of both mother and child. In which position to sleep during pregnancy? Since the weight of the stomach i

Pregnancy: I feel nauseous, I don't like food, what should I do?

 Pregnancy: I feel nauseous, I don't like food, what should I do? Most nausea occurs during the third month of pregnancy. For some, it takes a few days, while for others, nausea can persist for months. Nausea, indigestion, and vomiting are common during pregnancy. In some cases, it is considered as the first sign of pregnancy. The reason for nausea during pregnancy is the change in hormones. At that time, a type of hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) is needed to develop the embryo in the uterus. During pregnancy, the level of this hormone starts to increase suddenly. This hormone has a direct effect on a woman's stomach and intestines, which causes morning sickness (nausea upon waking up in the morning) or nausea upon eating. This process continues for three months and then gradually everything gets better. Because after three months, the level of this hormone in the body decreases. How to stop nausea? Sometimes nausea may occur during pregnancy due to other rea

Does X-ray during pregnancy affect the fetus?

 Does X-ray during pregnancy affect the fetus? X-ray is a method of detecting a disease during health treatment. But various things should be taken care of while doing X-ray. During pregnancy, it is better not to take X-rays as much as possible. Because it can negatively affect the fetus inside the womb. What is X-ray? X-ray is a ray (ray), which helps to detect diseases in the body and also causes some damage to the body. X-rays emit radiation that deactivates and kills cells in the body. Similarly, due to the radiation of high light emitted from X-ray during pregnancy, there may be problems in the growth and development of the fetus inside the womb, due to which it may cause birth defects, slow growth and development of the baby after birth and may even increase the risk of miscarriage. Cell damage may occur due to radiation. When is there more risk? There are three trimesters of pregnancy - first, second and third. X-rays during pregnancy can have a negative impact on the first trim