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Causes and treatment of vaginal cysts

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What kind of diet plan to follow to live a long life?

 What kind of diet plan to follow to live a long life? Unorganized diet and lifestyle can cause various health problems. This can lead to prolonged illness and sudden death. According to health experts, whatever we eat directly affects our health. Therefore, if you want to avoid diseases and live a long life, you should first improve your diet. Some researchers say that people who eat the Mediterranean diet may be protected from many serious health problems. In this regard, Harvard University researchers have said in a recent study that the "Mediterranean diet" not only protects against cancer and heart problems, but can also reduce the risk of death from serious diseases by 23 percent. This type of diet plan has been found to be very beneficial for women. What is the Mediterranean Diet? The Mediterranean diet consists mainly of plant foods and healthy fats. In this diet, mostly green vegetables, fruits and fibrous whole grains can be eaten, while it is advised to use olive o

Joint pain is troubling the child, so follow these tips to manage it

 Joint pain is troubling the child, so follow these tips to manage it Children may have joint pain problems. Doctors know more about the remedies for children's joint pain Children's bodies develop continuously. The way his height increases can also affect the joints and muscles. Some children often complain to their parents about joint and bone pain. Many times parents ignore this. Actually, this problem can be part of growing pains. Going pain is a stage of children's development, in which children may feel slight pain in their arms and legs during the development of their body. However, there are some cases in which juvenile arthritis is diagnosed. This is the arthritis of children, in which they have problems with pain in their joints. Next, Dr. Ruchira Pahare, Pediatrician Consultant of Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Indore, will tell you how you can reduce joint pain in children at home. Tips To Manage Joint Pain In Kids - Tips To Manage Joint Pain In Kids Consu

At what time is walking more beneficial? Learn from the experts

 At what time is walking more beneficial? Learn from the experts Morning Walk Or Evening Walk Which Is Better: Is it better to walk in the morning or in the evening, in this article experts are clearing up the confusion. Morning Walk Or Evening Walk Which Is Better: Daily walking is considered very beneficial for health. By doing this, you not only stay healthy, but also stay away from many diseases. Walking is considered the best exercise to reduce the risk of heart diseases and keep the heart healthy. Daily walking helps in controlling weight, high BP and sugar, cholesterol etc. Also, it helps in making the joints flexible. It tones the muscles. Daily walking also reduces the risk of diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. Apart from this, daily walking also has many benefits. Therefore, it is always advised that every person must walk at least 10 thousand steps every day. But often we see that some people prefer to walk in the morning, while others prefer to walk in the evening. I

Will this drug prove to be a panacea in the treatment of migraine?

 Will this drug prove to be a panacea in the treatment of migraine? About one billion people worldwide suffer from severe headaches or migraines. This is such a disease, due to which the headache is unbearable and it is impossible to do daily work. Thus, there is good news for those who are suffering from migraines, there is an effective medicine for curing migraines. According to the news published in BBC, such a medicine has been made to get rid of migraine, which is proving to be very effective. The name of this medicine is Remazipent. According to researchers, this migraine medicine blocks the effect of a chemical called CGRP. This is the same chemical that causes severe headaches. This drug dissolves quickly in the body and stops the effects of the headache before it occurs. After long research, this drug has been approved for general use. The drug has been approved for international use and is being used in 80 countries, including the United States. Also read this Is the headache

Is Nepal older than India?

 Is Nepal older than India? In terms of recorded history and civilization, India has a longer history than Nepal. The Indian subcontinent has been home to one of the world's oldest civilizations, with a rich and diverse history dating back thousands of years. The ancient Indus Valley Civilization, one of the world's oldest urban cultures, flourished in what is now northwest India and parts of Pakistan around 3300–1300 BCE. On the other hand, while Nepal has a significant and ancient history, it does not have an ancient civilization comparable in scale and antiquity to the Indus Valley Civilization. The history of Nepal includes various kingdoms and dynasties, with notable developments occurring in the Kathmandu Valley and surrounding regions. The specific historical developments and cultural evolution of both India and Nepal are complex and varied, shaped by the interactions of different ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups over the centuries. While the land that constitute

Who controls Nepal?

 Who controls Nepal? As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Nepal is a federal democratic republic. It means that the governance structure is based on a democratic system where the power is distributed between the central government and the provinces (states). The President of Nepal is the head of state, and the Prime Minister is the head of government. The political landscape in Nepal has seen changes, and the composition of the government may evolve. The details of the governing authorities, political leaders, and the ruling party can change based on elections, political developments, and other factors. For the most current and accurate information on who controls Nepal, including details about the President, Prime Minister, and the political parties in power, I recommend checking the latest news sources, official government announcements, or reputable websites dedicated to Nepali politics. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Nepal is governed as a federal democr