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How does obesity cause heart disease?

How does obesity cause heart disease? Is there a connection between obesity and heart disease? Many people are asking us. As obesity increases, the risk of heart disease may also increase. Obesity is also a cause of diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure. A type of fat called 'triglycerides' is high in obese people and the amount of bad cholesterol is also high. Due to all these things, the possibility of blockage of the blood vessels of the heart and blood vessels leading to the brain increases due to long-term accumulation of fat in the blood vessels of the heart and blood vessels leading to the brain. In addition, the possibility of the body's blood vessels being closed increases. Due to this, serious problems like heart attack and stroke start appearing. How do you know that obesity has heart problems? The most common problem in heart disease due to obesity and various other causes is heart artery blockage. In this problem, the amount of cholesterol in the body i

Cause, which leads to obesity

Cause, which leads to obesity Obesity is now becoming a headache for many people. There are many people who go to the gym, do different types of diet plans, take supplements, and use home remedies to control obesity. However, they are not getting the expected results. One of the main reasons for this is to start looking for ways to reduce obesity without knowing the cause. Because the same formula may not work for everyone. To control it, it is necessary to know the cause first. Cause of obesity Hereditary Eating and drinking a lot does not necessarily increase obesity. There can be many other reasons behind obesity, among which genetics is one of them. Children of obese parents are also more likely to be obese. This is not to say that obesity is completely predetermined. Although it can be hereditary, obesity can be determined by the lifestyle of a person. How does metabolism work? How is your digestion? How long does it take for the body to convert food into energy? All these things