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10 Infectious Diseases in Monsoon

From which month should you not travel long during pregnancy?

 From which month should you not travel long during pregnancy? During pregnancy, women need to take care of themselves more than any other time. In addition to being careful while standing, sitting and walking, one should also pay a lot of attention to food. Similarly, many things need to be taken care of before traveling during pregnancy. In general, it is better for pregnant women to avoid traveling long distances during pregnancy as much as possible. Especially in the first three months, there is a risk of pregnancy loss due to long journeys and hard work. Even in the last three months, difficult or tiring activities in the journey may cause pain before time. Apart from that, even if you have a stomach ache, headache or fever, bleeding or any other health problem, it is beneficial not to travel long distances. Do not travel on rough roads, difficult and potholed roads. It causes the risk of miscarriage. Especially in the first trimester, it is better to avoid long journeys. During t

Is it known during pregnancy that the child has autism?

Is it known during pregnancy that the child has autism? Raising children is the biggest responsibility of parents. If the child has a specific disorder or disease, the responsibility of the parents increases even more. It can be challenging for parents who care for children with autism spectrum disorder. Autism is a brain disease, which occurs mostly in children, and is very difficult to diagnose. Autism symptoms are not detected until the child is one or two years old. This disease can be detected only by the child's behavior, unusual reactions and gestures. If your child is quieter than other children or slow to react to anything, these signs may be of autism. It is a developmental disorder in which affected individuals have difficulty speaking, reading, writing, and socializing. Autism is a condition in which the brain of a person suffering from it works differently from the brain of other people. At the same time, people suffering from autism are also different from each other.

What happens When taking antibiotics during pregnancy

What happens When taking antibiotics during pregnancy Nine months of pregnancy are very sensitive. During this period, the mother should be careful in many things to keep both the mother and the child healthy. Attention should be paid to everything from food to medicine. Taking medicine without doctor's advice during pregnancy can be dangerous for both mother and child. So what to do if you have health problems during pregnancy and take medicine? There can be many types of health problems during pregnancy. In this case, as soon as the problem appears, it should be solved. Many people think that you should not take medicine during pregnancy. But it cannot be said that you should not take any medicine. It is better not to take medicine as much as possible. However, if there is a situation where the health worsens without medicine, then after the examination, it can be taken on the advice of the doctor. But even in minor problems while taking medicine, a doctor's advice is mandato