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Eating too much salt causes serious damage to the skin, know how to prevent it

These symptoms indicate tuberculosis

These symptoms indicate tuberculosis TB and tuberculosis can affect any part of the body. However, it mostly affects the lungs, throat, bones, stomach, and brain. Lungs are most affected by tuberculosis. 70 to 80 percent develop pulmonary tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is spread from one infected person to another. What causes It is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This bacteria usually targets the lungs, but it can also damage the lungs as well as other parts of the body. It is an airborne disease. When a person with tuberculosis sneezes or coughs, the microbacteria are transmitted to other people through the air. If one's immune system is weak, he can easily become a victim of tuberculosis. How do you know? Common symptoms of tuberculosis include fever for more than 2 weeks, which usually starts in the evening. Reluctance to eat, weight loss, feeling weak and night sweats are common symptoms. - Tuberculosis of the lungs can cause prolonged coughing, blood in t

Eight signs, which indicate heart failure

Eight signs, which indicate heart failure Are there any signs of heart failure? Many people ask this question. It is natural for people to care about their health. People fear others even when it comes to the heart. As our diet and lifestyle is getting destroyed, the risk of heart disease is also increasing. Processed food, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. have weakened the working capacity of the heart. Inactive life, uncontrolled eating, stress has killed the heart. So now many people are dealing with heart problems. There are some signs that there is a heart problem or that the heart is getting worse. Chest pain The main symptom of heart failure is chest pain. However, other health problems are also common symptoms of chest pain, so it can sometimes be confused as a heart problem. If there is obstruction in the arteries of the heart, then the chest pain is felt more when walking, standing, climbing and climbing stairs, but it does not hurt when resting. This is the initial stage of heart f