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To reduce cholesterol, drink this special drink made of Dabh lemon and cucumber, know how to make it

From which month should you not travel long during pregnancy?

 From which month should you not travel long during pregnancy? During pregnancy, women need to take care of themselves more than any other time. In addition to being careful while standing, sitting and walking, one should also pay a lot of attention to food. Similarly, many things need to be taken care of before traveling during pregnancy. In general, it is better for pregnant women to avoid traveling long distances during pregnancy as much as possible. Especially in the first three months, there is a risk of pregnancy loss due to long journeys and hard work. Even in the last three months, difficult or tiring activities in the journey may cause pain before time. Apart from that, even if you have a stomach ache, headache or fever, bleeding or any other health problem, it is beneficial not to travel long distances. Do not travel on rough roads, difficult and potholed roads. It causes the risk of miscarriage. Especially in the first trimester, it is better to avoid long journeys. During t

What kind of diet plan to follow to live a long life?

 What kind of diet plan to follow to live a long life? Unorganized diet and lifestyle can cause various health problems. This can lead to prolonged illness and sudden death. According to health experts, whatever we eat directly affects our health. Therefore, if you want to avoid diseases and live a long life, you should first improve your diet. Some researchers say that people who eat the Mediterranean diet may be protected from many serious health problems. In this regard, Harvard University researchers have said in a recent study that the "Mediterranean diet" not only protects against cancer and heart problems, but can also reduce the risk of death from serious diseases by 23 percent. This type of diet plan has been found to be very beneficial for women. What is the Mediterranean Diet? The Mediterranean diet consists mainly of plant foods and healthy fats. In this diet, mostly green vegetables, fruits and fibrous whole grains can be eaten, while it is advised to use olive o