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Does X-ray during pregnancy affect the fetus?

 Does X-ray during pregnancy affect the fetus?

X-ray is a method of detecting a disease during health treatment. But various things should be taken care of while doing X-ray. During pregnancy, it is better not to take X-rays as much as possible. Because it can negatively affect the fetus inside the womb.

What is X-ray?

X-ray is a ray (ray), which helps to detect diseases in the body and also causes some damage to the body. X-rays emit radiation that deactivates and kills cells in the body. Similarly, due to the radiation of high light emitted from X-ray during pregnancy, there may be problems in the growth and development of the fetus inside the womb, due to which it may cause birth defects, slow growth and development of the baby after birth and may even increase the risk of miscarriage.

Cell damage may occur due to radiation.

When is there more risk?

There are three trimesters of pregnancy - first, second and third. X-rays during pregnancy can have a negative impact on the first trimester. At this time, as the fetus is developing inside the womb, the main organs and systems of the fetus are being formed. X-rays in such a situation can cause problems in the development of the fetus due to the radiation emitted from it. Because the radiation coming out of the X-ray deactivates and kills the cells that are developing inside the embryo.

Affecting the division of that cell, it also harms the divided cell. This affects the physical and mental growth of the fetus. Congenital disability, delayed growth and development after birth can be a problem. Slow speech, slow walking may also happen.

There is sometimes a risk of miscarriage due to X-ray, which is more in the first trimester of pregnancy, while the risk of miscarriage is comparatively less in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. Likewise, fetal growth may be developing in the second and third trimesters. At this time, the risk in these trimesters is lower than in the first trimester, but due to X-ray radiation, the fetus inside the womb may be at risk of serious diseases such as cancer.

But saying this does not mean that X-rays will affect the fetus inside the womb. It varies according to the health of the pregnant woman and the amount of X-rays. Also, the risk of radiation varies from person to person. The more x-rays done, the greater the risk.

X-rays near the abdomen and uterus pose an even greater risk. X-ray radiation can directly affect the fetus inside the womb, while it affects the limbs less.

How to avoid?

The dose of X-ray varies according to the patient. Therefore, in cases where X-ray must be done during pregnancy, X-ray can be done by wearing a lead apron on the abdomen. It protects the fetus from X-ray radiation.

Similarly, if you are planning to conceive, sometimes if you have stopped your period for only two to four days, X-ray should be done only after checking whether you are pregnant. Because it can have a negative effect on the fetus.


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