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Will this drug prove to be a panacea in the treatment of migraine?

 Will this drug prove to be a panacea in the treatment of migraine?

About one billion people worldwide suffer from severe headaches or migraines. This is such a disease, due to which the headache is unbearable and it is impossible to do daily work. Thus, there is good news for those who are suffering from migraines, there is an effective medicine for curing migraines.

According to the news published in BBC, such a medicine has been made to get rid of migraine, which is proving to be very effective.

The name of this medicine is Remazipent.

According to researchers, this migraine medicine blocks the effect of a chemical called CGRP. This is the same chemical that causes severe headaches. This drug dissolves quickly in the body and stops the effects of the headache before it occurs.

After long research, this drug has been approved for general use. The drug has been approved for international use and is being used in 80 countries, including the United States.

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Is the headache migraine or not?

This drug is also approved for use in the UK. However, the doctor has suggested to take medicine only in certain conditions.

It is said in the news, "Then this medicine will be given to migraine patients." However, the patient gets medicine when he has migraine pain four or more times a month.

Doctors have considered "Remejipent" as a great achievement. However, this is not a miracle drug. How many patients it benefits. It may not be beneficial for everyone. The special thing is that the side effects of this medicine are very less.

During the experiment, only one of those who took this medicine had the problem of vomiting. Most of them got relief from migraine problem.

For decades, the same medicine that was made for other patients was being used for migraine. Now this medicine has been made for migraine, which is a great achievement in itself. However, this drug is neither available everywhere nor does it benefit all patients. In the treatment of migraine, there are options.

It may still take a long time to develop medicine to get rid of migraine completely. However, this work is being investigated.

What is migraine?

Migraine is a type of neurogenic disorder. Migraine causes unbearable headache in one part of the head. That's why migraine is also called semi-headache. Migraines are classified into two categories. One is episodic migraine and the other is chronic migraine.

Migraine pain that occurs less than 14 times in a month is called episodic migraine. Similarly, if there is a continuous migraine headache or the problem is seen more than 14 times, then it is called chronic migraine.

Women suffer more

It is usually seen in women between 15 and 50 years of age. By saying this, it does not mean that it does not happen in men, but comparatively it is seen more in women. Statistics show that 30 percent of men and 70 percent of women are affected by migraine.

Science has not yet figured out why it happened only to women. However, studies have suggested that hormonal imbalances can cause such effects when menstruation begins.

Umbilical cord: How is it being used in the treatment of complex diseases from cancer?

The umbilical cord of a newborn baby is used in the treatment of many diseases. Bipin Nepal says. He is a blood circulation specialist at Grandi Hospital.

Dr. Nepal says, 'umbilical cord blood has been used in many diseases, from hereditary to blood disorders.' Red blood cells and white blood cells can be developed from this cell (stem cell).

According to a report published in the BBC, thousands of lives have been saved by transplanting stored stem cells. Stem cells can be used to treat not only the affected child but also their family members.

Kanti Children's Hospital hematologist Dr. Sudhir Sapkota says, 'As soon as the baby is born, expert doctors can extract the blood from the umbilical cord and keep it safe. Later, in any serious disease, the cells inside it can be transplanted.

He says that storing cord blood is very beneficial. "It will be easier if the baby's umbilical cord has to be transplanted later," said Dr. Sapkota says.

What are the stem cells found in the umbilical cord?

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Dr. Kirtipal Subedi says, 'During pregnancy, the placenta is an organ that develops in the uterus. It is attached to the wall of the uterus. During pregnancy, the baby receives blood, oxygen and nutrients from the same placenta.

Umbilical cord blood contains stem cells. One blood cell makes three to four liters of blood in our body. While the umbilical cord is full of blood stem cells.

When the baby is born, the umbilical cord is cut. From the blood found in the umbilical cord, the child's blood group, hereditary or congenital disease or not, and whether or not there has been any infection while in the womb are known.

  What diseases are used?

Now, in medical science, there have been various studies on umbilical cord stem cells. What has been extracted from it is that this stem cell is useful in curing many types of cancer, heart disease, neurological disease, metabolic disease, and hereditary disease.

Experts claim that it is possible to develop the immune system, reduce weakness, and treat rare genetic diseases.

How is cord blood stored?

After the baby is born, the umbilical cord blood and the stem cells in it are collected and stored. Storing stem cells is called 'cord blood banking'. Stem cells in the umbilical cord have been stored in many countries of the world both privately and publicly.

"It is being practiced and studied in the world" Dr. Nepal says, "However, no mechanism has been made to store it in Nepal so far." It is possible that cord blood banking system has not been practiced in Nepal because expert doctors and advanced equipment are needed to store it. Nepal says.

Umbilical cord collection in Nepal

Although there is no system for storing cord blood in Nepal, it is said that various agencies are collecting it. Nepal Police Hospital's anesthesia specialist Dr. Chand Budhathoki says, "Cord blood is collected and stored in India."

He suggested that since cord blood collection is a long and advanced process, efforts should be made by the government. She says, "This is a very expensive process. That is why cord blood bank could not be established even though it is necessary.

Forty-six women must undergo these health tests

Sisters, have you turned forty? If you are over forty (age), will you do a health check once?

Let's say you haven't had a health check yet. There are no health problems. However, it would be best to be careful now. Because after reaching this stage of age, some health risks may be added. Therefore, you should check whether your body is healthy or not. It not only protects you from potential risks, but also makes you confident. So do a whole body checkup.

However, some unnecessary tests are also done called whole body checkup. Therefore, at this age stage, we should know what kind of health checkup is necessary.

Lately, it seems that middle class families are also becoming aware of their health. Health insurance also has a hand in this. It is wise for women who have health insurance to undergo the necessary tests (video x-ray, cholesterol, CT scan, MRI) only after the initial inquiry and physical examination by the doctor. Because the doctor has to consider the age of the particular person and the health status of that moment to conduct lab tests as needed.

What tests will be done?

What will a forty-year-old woman do? Brain, heart, kidney, liver and lungs are considered very important organs in the human body. A disorder in any of these organs causes a lot of discomfort in the daily life of a particular person. However, considering the age of forty years as a standard, it is better to know how healthy the above-mentioned main organs are from now on.

There is a minimum check-up menu to find out how healthy the brain, heart, kidney, liver, thyroid gland and lungs are.

How are the kidneys?

To know the condition of the kidneys, it is enough to check the amount of albumin in the urine, blood cells and creatinine in the blood. If there is any quality in these reports related to kidneys, only urine culture, video x-ray of kidneys, blood electrolytes should be checked.

How is the heart working?

In the same way, to know the condition of the heart, an initial examination called ECG is enough. After seeing the ECG report, it is necessary to take a video x-ray of the heart called echocardiography. If fat or cholesterol accumulates in the blood vessels, the blood vessel narrows and heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure can occur, so it is enough to do a preliminary test of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood without checking the lipid profile. Abnormal results are found only when a lipid profile is performed.

Is the liver okay?

To know the condition of the liver, it is enough to do a preliminary test called bilirubin, AST and ALT in the blood.

Don't you have trouble with your lungs?

In Nepal, smoking is more common among women in the rural areas, and some people in the house smoke, as well as passive smokers, the smoke and dust inside the house and the air pollution of the city market also cause lung problems. To know the correct condition of the lungs, an initial examination of the chest X-ray is sufficient.

If there is wheezing or mild asthma, a pulmonary function test is performed by taking breaths and exhaling.

What is the condition of the thyroid?

For the health of the thyroid gland, only a preliminary test called TSH is enough. Also, it is better to have a simple test of blood sugar and stool on an empty stomach.

There is no risk of serious disease in breast and uterus?

As the life expectancy of Nepalese women starts to increase, it is necessary to consider the health problems and the risk of cancer that appear in old age. For example, mammography for breast cancer and pap smear (or similar test) for cervical cancer screening is necessary. It is better to do ultrasound (video X-ray) of gall bladder, kidney, uterus, ovary.

It is not the treatment of the disease, it is the prevention of the disease

Therefore, rather than having a whole body checkup in the package, it is important to know which test should not be missed or should be done based on the age of the particular woman. During the whole body checkup or with the help of minimal tests to know the health of the main organs mentioned above, the health problems that have occurred or are about to occur in those organs are identified in time. It means that it helps a lot towards 'preventing the disease before it occurs'.

Lab tests alone do not show a person's condition

When talking about whole body checkup, not everything can be known only through lab tests. With increasing urbanization, busy lifestyles, single families and challenging income generation, mental problems are piling up among people today.

Today's people may be suffering from depression, anxiety, tension, addiction, suicidal thoughts. After the earthquake of 2072 and the recent covid epidemic, the number of people suffering from mental problems seems to have increased a lot. In such a real situation, it is not enough to pay attention to the health of the heart, kidneys or lungs in the name of whole body checkup.

During the whole body checkup, for some tests, samples are taken on an empty stomach (cholesterol or lipid profile or sugar) or have to be done (video x-ray). Different results can be caused by not paying attention to these small things or by not providing blood (or other samples) on time or by literally not following the rules that should be followed during the lab tests. These above mentioned tests are specially called whole body checkup : These are the tests to be done after the age of forty. Those are tests that should be done not once, but at certain intervals.

Is the body indicating something?

Apart from these regular tests that should be done according to age, the body can sometimes give signs of danger such as fever, weight loss or sudden weight gain, lumps. In that case, the necessary tests should be done on the doctor's advice.

In summary, during the whole body checkup, albumin in urine, blood cells and creatinine in blood (of kidney), ECG (of heart), cholesterol and triglyceride (of blood vessel), bilirubin, AST and ALT (of liver), chest X-ray (of lung), TSH (of thyroid gland), A simple examination of the stool and checking the amount of sugar is good.


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