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Diabetes patients should adopt these 5 methods in case of injury, it will help in healing the wound

 Diabetes patients should adopt these 5 methods in case of injury, it will help in healing the wound

We all know that diabetes patients should take great care of their health. They should be aware not only about their diet but also about their lifestyle. A little negligence in their lifestyle or diet can disturb the balance of their blood sugar. If it is not managed in time, it can prove to be fatal. Apart from this, diabetes patients should also be careful if they get a wound or injury somewhere. Actually, the wounds of diabetes patients do not heal quickly. If it takes more time to heal, then infection can occur, the wound can spread and the problem can take a serious form. Therefore, diabetes patients should know what to do if they get hurt, so that the wound can heal faster.

Clean the injury thoroughly

tips for diabetes wound care

Before cleaning the injury, diabetes patients should clean their hands with soap. After this, wash the injury thoroughly with plain water. Make sure that no dirt remains in it. Even a little dirt can deepen the injury. If you want, you can also wash the injury with lukewarm water. Washing with lukewarm water cleans the injury properly.

Apply pressure on the injury

If your injury is bleeding after washing, then apply pressure on it so that the bleeding can stop. If there is a lot of bleeding from the injured area, do not take it lightly. Apply pressure on the injury with the help of a cotton and clean cloth. This will stop the bleeding. If the bleeding still continues, then go to the doctor without delay, so that they can stop the bleeding with the right treatment.

Apply anti-biotic cream

If the bleeding has stopped from the injured part and you have cleaned it thoroughly, then do not forget to apply anti-biotic cream on it for the recovery of the injury. Buy anti-biotic cream from the pharmacy only on the advice of the doctor. After looking at your injury, they will advise you to use anti-biotic cream, which can help in faster recovery of the injury.

Get dressing done if necessary

Dressing your wound during diabetes

If the wound is not very deep and can heal without dressing, then you can leave it open. On the other hand, if the wound needs proper dressing, then do not ignore it. After applying antibiotic cream, get a bandage or dressing done on the injury. By doing this the injury will remain covered and the risk of infection will be reduced.

Check blood sugar from time to time

You know very well that no injury heals in a day or two. It takes time to heal. In such a situation, diabetic patients should check their blood sugar level daily. Even a slight fluctuation in blood sugar can create an obstacle in the healing of your wound. Try to keep your blood sugar level managed these days. For this, follow a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to heal a diabetic foot injury?

Diabetic patients should not take any injury to any part of the body lightly. At the initial stage, take the help of home remedies, such as massaging the wound with aloe vera gel and try other remedies. If recovery is not seen in a few days, then go to the doctor immediately.

How long does it take for a diabetic wound to heal?

Diabetic patients should immediately take first aid in case of a wound and go to the doctor without delay. If for some reason their wound has become infectious, then it may take time to heal. Let us tell you that the foot ulcers of diabetic patients can take a long time to heal. It cannot be said with certainty how much time it will take. For this, a doctor will have to be consulted.

Should diabetic patients worry about getting injured?

Injuries, burns and wounds can also occur under normal circumstances. But, diabetic patients should not take injuries, burns or wounds lightly.


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