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What position should a pregnant woman sleep in?

 What position should a pregnant woman sleep in?

Pregnancy is the happiest and most exciting time of a woman's life. A mother weaves a world of colorful dreams for her unborn child. For this dream, they bear a lot of pain and give birth to children.

Pregnancy is a very serious and important situation for a mother. In this case, they have to make changes in their daily behavior from eating. Doctors say that mothers should pay attention not only to food but also to sleep during pregnancy.

In which position to sleep during pregnancy? How can you and your baby be comfortable while sleeping? It is important to pay attention to this. Every work done by the mother has a direct effect on the unborn child. Usually, a pregnant mother has difficulty sleeping.

For the health of both the mother and the unborn child, it is necessary to know about the way of sleeping. Which improves the health of both mother and child.

In which position to sleep during pregnancy?

Since the weight of the stomach is reduced for three months after pregnancy, sleeping straight or in any position does not have much effect. But after the third month, as the weight of the stomach increases, it becomes difficult for the mother to sleep straight. Since sleeping upright puts all the weight on the back, it can be harmful for both the mother and the baby.

Do not sleep with weight on your back

Blood cannot circulate freely when sleeping upright during pregnancy. Due to this, digestive system and back problems may occur. A woman should not sleep straight after three months of pregnancy. Sleeping upright puts a direct weight on the baby in the womb.

Which is the right position to sleep?

It is considered beneficial for the mother to sleep on her left side during pregnancy. Sleeping on the left side allows blood to circulate freely throughout the body. With this sleeping position, the baby in the womb gets oxygen properly. It helps children stay healthy.

When sleeping on the left side, the mother should sleep with her knees bent. A pillow can be placed between the mother's legs for better sleep. When sleeping in the right position, the mother also gets rid of back problems.

As pregnancy is a special time, doctors are of the opinion that you should sleep for eight to nine hours during this time. Adequate sleep helps in the full development of the growing baby in the womb. If any problem occurs, consult a doctor immediately.

What is preeclampsia that can be a risk to the fetus and the mother?

About 15 percent of pregnant women in the world are at risk of high blood pressure. If high blood pressure is not controlled, there is a high possibility of serious problems like preeclampsia. If not identified and treated in time, the life of the mother and the baby may be at risk.

Every year, 500,000 babies die in the womb due to delays in the treatment of preeclampsia.

What is preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia is a serious health problem that develops in pregnant women after 20 weeks of pregnancy. This problem appears due to high blood pressure and an abnormal increase in the amount of protein in the urine. It can harm other parts of the body and the fetus.

When such a problem occurs, the blood pressure increases and the feet and hands swell.

the reason

The exact cause of preeclampsia has not been identified. But some factors are considered responsible for it. For example, women who have given birth to many children and become pregnant again, a family history of this problem, high blood pressure, history of diabetes or kidney disease, obesity, diseases that reduce immunity (autoimmune diseases) and hormone disturbances.

The effects of preeclampsia on the body

Preeclampsia causes blood pressure in the body to rise. Blood pressure level is more than 140/90 mmHg. Which is not a normal level. It can cause heart, kidney, lung and urinary problems.

This problem can also affect the arteries, which affect the umbilical cord. When the umbilical cord is affected, oxygen and nutrients cannot reach the growing baby in the womb. And, the risk of stopping the development of the fetus increases. In some cases, it increases the chances of premature delivery.

Babies born in this way have low weight, breathing problems and other health complications.


The complication is that low platelet count can cause HELP. Which causes problems like liver and blood cell damage, blurred vision and chest pain.

In addition, even after the birth of the child, the risk of kidney, heart related diseases and stroke also remains for the mother. Similarly, if preeclampsia is not recognized and treated late, there is a possibility of eclampsia. If there is eclampsia, it causes problems in the mother. Repeated stabbing causes blood vessel rupture in the brain, stabbing in the liver, immobility of the arms and legs, and the condition becomes serious and requires immediate ventilation.


In addition to high blood pressure and protein in the urine, symptoms such as headache, chest pain, breathing problems and upper abdominal pain are seen.


Preeclampsia is diagnosed when a child is given a health check-up after conception. Preeclampsia can be detected by weight, blood pressure and urine tests.

If the report is suspicious, the following tests are required.

- Additional blood tests are done to check kidney and liver function.

- The test is done after 24-hour urine collection.

- Ultrasound is done to see the size of the fetus and evaluate the amount of amniotic fluid.

Preeclampsia is classified into mild and severe. High blood pressure and high protein in the urine is called mild preeclampsia.

If there are other symptoms apart from these, the condition is considered serious. Problems like kidney and liver damage, poor vision, headache and dizziness.


Treatment of preeclampsia depends on how severe the symptoms are and how far along the due date is. There is no concrete treatment for it, but if the above-mentioned symptoms appear, you should be taken to the hospital immediately. Medicines to control high blood pressure are given in the first treatment. Then the condition of the child should be tested. If the high blood pressure is uncontrolled and there is a problem with the liver and the condition of the baby is deteriorating, then the baby should be removed immediately.

In this case, it is necessary to save the life of the mother rather than the health of the child. But if the blood pressure is under control after drug treatment, the date of pregnancy can be extended. In some cases, magnesium sulfate may be given to prevent the problem of bleeding. Risk of preeclampsia can be prevented.

Being a risk factor for preeclampsia, it can be prevented by paying attention to lifestyle before and after pregnancy.

- If overweight women want to have children, it is necessary to pay attention to weight control measures.

- If you have diabetes and blood pressure, you can get pregnant by controlling it.

- Regular exercise and eight hours of adequate sleep should be practiced.

- You should stay away from excessively spicy food, junk food, alcohol and smoking.


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